14 Apr 2014



A short but sweet note from me this Monday afternoon just to share this news:

Alexander Wang X H&M

While my enthusiasm for H&M collabs is waning, there is something about this that I cannot help get excited about.

If you like Basketball-chic and can wait until November 6th then you’re in luck as so far, that’s all we've really got… 


Image via afterdrk.com | Video via Alexander Wang Instagram

8 Apr 2014



I was lucky enough to be invited to hear the amazeballs Phoebe Philo speak to Vogue Editor Alexandra Schulman at the Vogue Festival recently and despite being severely hungover with only 3 hours sleep, I trotted off to the Southbank Centre (looking considerably less ‘chic’ than my counterparts.) As expected, I fell even harder for the brand and the woman my bank balance detests. While I have another fight with my purse, here’s what she had to say:

On why Celine is so god damn expensive (why, oh why?)It costs what it costs because the fabrics, I believe, are the best and we work with experts on the clothes. There is a very small amount not made in France and Italy. They are very well and beautifully made and a lot of the pieces are investment pieces, something you can wear time and time again.

On the magazine industry: [to Alexandra Schulman] I'm not going to tell you how to do your job – what colours do you think I should do next season? I don't know, and I don't really think about it, Alex. I can't think about it. I don't find it helpful. When I am confronted with things like that or asked that question, I just do what I do”

On fame: “I have an innate fear of fame. I've never thought being famous looked like such a good place to be. I love being incognito. I love walking around London and nobody knows who I am. I very much value my freedom. I do what is necessary for me to do, in terms of press.”

On Gender within Fashion: “I mean firstly, within fashion, gender is not relevant. It’s the same for both. Both struggle equally. It has to do with their personalities and if you can work well in the industry. Why aren’t there more women running companies? That is something I would love to see changed. It should and is from what I understand. As to it being different: not particularly. I don’t see it like that. We shouldn’t be spending so much time talking about differences. I think some women are receiving a message that they aren’t good enough.

On High Street Copies: [I’m] Flattered. Coco Chanel once said as long as you’re copied, you are relevant. If I weren’t it would be alarming.

On appearance in the fashion industry: “Let’s talk about it…Rick Owens show got me thinking! I see too many women dressing for other people and disempowering themselves in the process. Somehow women are getting the message that they’re not good enough. I’m interested in changing this message. I hope that when women wear Céline, they feel good and confident and strong. And I guess there's a political statement behind Céline, which is that the woman should go out there and do what she wants to do."

On going digital: “I very much like the idea that shoppers experience a Celine product in a Celine store.”

On success: "I find mediocrity hard. I find that whole area difficult. I'm a very passionate person; I care very much about what I do. I believe I give it a lot, so it's gotta be good, otherwise what's the point?"

On how she chose her outfit for collecting her OBE: "I don't know. I just got up that morning and got dressed." 

Erm, how cool?! 

2 Apr 2014



I know it’s a little late in the year to be posting about 2014 calendars, but if you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I have just moved house – follow me here for (constant) updates.

Where I was living before meant I was sharing but the new place is mine, all mine (and my boyfriends) and I am free to decorate as I wish! This has caused problems in procrastination however, as I now spend all of my time (free or not) scouring Pinterest for home interior inspiration – I literally don’t know what I’ll do when it is decorated!

On my internet travels, I came across the cutest calendar that would look just delightful in my new flat, and it’s DIY – easy on eye and the purse-strings!

It comes courtesy of super talented Jasmin Dowling who posted her work at the beginning of the year with a downloadable link (so you can all do it too). Simply download, print and use.  

Download here

Images via jasmindowling.com